Flower Basket

Welcome to a beautiful Nashville spring! Finally, it’s time to get some dirt under your nails.

Not sure where to begin? Not to worry! Even if you’re still a little unclear on annual vs. perennial (and which one is the kind that comes back every year) you can make a garden. You don’t need to understand soil chemistry or speak Latin to weave a little botanical beauty into your world.

Whether your gardener’s palate is a ten-acre woodland getaway or a sun-beaten downtown balcony, you can create your own colorful Shangri-La with a few simple raw materials: one part nature, one part care, and one part imagination.

If you’re still a rookie gardener (or a serial plant killer), keep it simple: Drop by one of our locations, pick up one of our ready-to-hang flower baskets, and instantly imbue your balcony or porch with a riot of color. For those who dream of bigger plots (but have no idea how to dig in), break ground with low-maintenance herbs, succulents, or flowering annuals that will reward your first efforts with success and bolster your horticultural confidence.

No matter where you fall on the green-to-brown thumb spectrum, we can help you cultivate your inner gardener and green up your very own patch of earth. Start by browsing our blog for simple tips and plant profiles. Or just drop by Flower Basket and ask us for help.